Meet Renzo Alvarado, an exceptional Account Executive on the Richard Murray & Co. Sales Team. With 14 years in the logistics industry, Renzo excels in identifying and helping customers with unique shipping services. Inspired by the industry’s constant learning opportunities, he finds fulfillment in helping customers achieve their goals.

Renzo highlights the unique family culture at Richard Murray & Co., saying, “You are treated as a family member, which is rare to find and essential for success.” He believes patience and problem-solving are vital skills in navigating industry challenges.

Reflecting on his career, Renzo shares, “Mistakes will always be made; how you solve them defines your work. There’s always a way to turn a situation into a positive.”

Outside of work, Renzo enjoys soccer, running, and golf, and cheers for Chelsea FC, NY Red Bulls, Giants, Knicks, and Rangers. His dedication and passion make him a valuable member of the Richard Murray & Co. family.